Choosen services 

1. Front end web development,

 back end web development poland

Writing that the website is a “business card” of the company, you will say without thinking, that it is a cliché and something what else we can write as an interactive agency – because websites are something that we “live” from. And … it is in fact, but in a slightly different sense than you think.

Our own website largely makes us prepare the valuation, outline strategies, realize goals, own and clients. It is thanks to our website that we are developing so dynamically and we create such websites. Aesthetic and interactive, functional and intuitive, optimized for search engines and loading speed … this page can also be created for your company. Let’s talk about your idea!


CMS content management system will allow you to easily update the content on the site without having to outsource it.


Optimization for searchs such as Google, will allow you to get high positions without the need for positioning.


Interactivity – design of website force visitor to behavior you expected


Intuitive – Simple,  well thought constructions that allow you to easily reach the sought information.


Responsivity – site adapts to devices on which is displayed
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72 % of people shows apperance of website as main factor of credibility of companies

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48% of people admit that bad looking website caused trust issue and rejection of offer

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10 seconds You have only this time to catch visitor attention before he leave your site

2.Web and mobile apps

Web and mobile apps created specially for you. Functionality matched with character, goal and needs of your project. We have the best web developer in poland which care about any detail in your project.

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% users of smartphones, use this devices to support they shopping decisions

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There is 5x more mobile devices than personal computers

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Owners of smartphones use only mobile devices to browse the internet

3. Effective internet marketing

Internet marketing is a complex activity aimed at increasing brand / product recognition, increasing the number of visits to a website / online store, neutralizing the effects of negative opinions. You set a goal for us, we choose the necessary tools.

You are the owner of an attractive website, offering the highest quality goods, services, innovative solutions… It’s time to show it to the world! Reach people who are currently looking for solutions offered by you in the network – this is positioning.